Top 100 Media Topics For Academic Papers and Essays (2023)

Students must choose brilliant media topics to come up with papers and essays that will earn them top grades. A wrong topic can compromise your grade even after investing time and effort in a research project. It’s, therefore, crucial to research a topic wisely before you decide to write about it.

Mass media topics that address emerging issues or recent developments in this field can attract your readers’ attention. However, you should research your topic extensively and analyze your information to come up with a paper that will impress your educator.


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  1. Selecting Mass Media Topics
  2. Top 20 Media Topics for Research
  3. Media Research Topics for College Students
  4. Research Topics in Communication and Media Studies for Dissertations
  5. Trending Media Topics for Research Papers
  6. Interesting Media Law Topics

Selecting Mass Media Topics

Choosing mass media research topics is not always easy. That’s because most topics have been written about by other scholars. As such, you can easily find a publication with an essay or paper about a topic that you might have in mind. And this makes generating a unique topic idea difficult for some learners.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle to come up with a topic for your paper or essay, because our assignment service is ready to help you. This article comprises some of the best media research topics to consider if your educator has assigned you a research paper or essay assignment. Simply pick one of these media research paper topics twist it a little or work with it to come up with an A grade write-up.

Top 20 Media Topics for Research

Perhaps, you’re looking for topics that everybody interested in the media field will want to read about. In that case, consider this list of the top media topics to write about.

  1. Are roadside billboards effective when used to promote FACT products?
  2. How mass media facilitates cultural diffusion globally
  3. How the media influence young children
  4. The impact of mass media on organizational efficiency
  5. How print media ads and TV commercials affect consumer purchases
  6. The techniques used by the West in recording
  7. Can mass media be a tool for social reforms?
  8. How the media over-emphasize terrorism
  9. How mass media supports the establishment of public influence by political parties
  10. The effectiveness of the door-to-door technique for promoting sales
  11. How the mass media violates consumers’ privacy rights
  12. Is modern mass media free from legal and ethical constraints?
  13. Should parents supervise their children when watching TV?
  14. How the government impose policies and rules on news channels
  15. TV channels should have exclusive content for children
  16. How radio is losing value and charm due to innovative media outlets
  17. How the media affects the behavior of young adults and teens
  18. The redundancy of reality shows
  19. Why news channels should censor their coverage of violent events
  20. How businesses can use mass advertisements to increase sales revenue

Pick any of these research topics in media and communication to come up with a research paper your teacher or audience will want to read from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, be ready to research your topic extensively to come up with a brilliant topic.

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Media Research Topics for College Students

Students have to write about media-related topics when pursuing mass media studies in college. To come up with an interesting paper or essay that will earn you the top grade, learners must select and write about interesting media topics. Here are some of the best topics to consider for your college paper or essay.

  1. Influence of mass media ads on consumer behavior
  2. The role of mass media in the dissemination of agricultural information
  3. How the media affects the academic performance of students
  4. The reality and illusion of press freedom in a democratic government
  5. The audience perception of political news coverage by the media
  6. How the media can promote pornography indirectly
  7. How billboard advertising affect product promotion
  8. How a government’s attempt to influence the media can affect society
  9. How effective are radio adverts on family planning methods and programs?
  10. How information and communication technology affects radio reporting
  11. How the media promotes some role models
  12. The agenda-setting role of the media
  13. How television advertising shapes perceptions
  14. How the media can influence the political decisions of the masses
  15. Effects of modern technologies on how people use mass media
  16. How the freedom of information affects journalism practices
  17. How politicians can use the media to mobilize the masses
  18. Effects of government ownership of a broadcasting service
  19. How television broadcasting can affect election campaigns
  20. How to use mass media for integrated communication in marketing

Pick and write about any of these media-related research topics to earn the top grade. Nevertheless, be prepared to research your chosen topic extensively to come up with a brilliant paper.

Research Topics in Communication and Media Studies for Dissertations

Your educator will ask you to choose and write about at least one media-related topic when pursuing your mass media and communication studies. In that case, you have to choose a topic you’re comfortable researching and writing about. Here are some of the best ideas to get you started.

  1. Media coverage of women’s role in the Muslim nations
  2. How the media covers the violation of human rights in the developing countries
  3. How the state intimidates the media in the contemporary society
  4. How some governments use the national security excuse to gag the media
  5. What role does the government play in strengthening the media?
  6. Mass media economics- How does the media benefit a country economically?
  7. How effective are traditional teaching techniques in media studies?
  8. Should the media avoid releasing unethical communications for justice purposes?
  9. How can the media avoid violating privacy rights in the digital age?
  10. How can journalists embrace a balanced approach to news reporting?
  11. How the media influence the perception of a perfect body shape among girls
  12. Should media personalities adhere to cultural practices and expectations?
  13. How can the media help in ending racial discrimination?
  14. What are the implications of political ownership of a media channel?
  15. How opinion leaders influence the effectiveness of the media
  16. How an independent television influences political mobilization in a country
  17. How effective mass media can help in conflict resolution
  18. How mass media promotes gender inequality
  19. How editorial policies affect news coverage
  20. How violent films on television affect the young audience

These are great media essay topics for academic dissertations. Pick any of these topics and then take your time to research extensively before writing your dissertation.

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Trending Media Topics for Research Papers

To impress your educator and score the top grade, you should pick a trendy media research topic. Ideally, your topic should be about something your audience can resonate with. Here is a list of trendy mass media research paper topics to consider.

  1. How technology is changing the mass media definition
  2. Propaganda and media censorship
  3. How the freedom of speech affects modern media
  4. Key aspects of modern communication
  5. How media images represent modern society
  6. How the media incorporate hidden messages in entertainment
  7. Is radio still a popular mass media channel?
  8. What is scientific journalism and how does it affect media consumption?
  9. Is the Disney phenomenon media or a form of new mythology?
  10. How the internet influences media policies
  11. Does the media react to or create events?
  12. Are people reverting to newspapers due to trust issues?
  13. How media regulations and policies vary among countries
  14. Can a journalist stick to media ethics when covering political campaigns?
  15. Fan-fiction and fandom in mass media
  16. What is the post-truth age in the mass media?
  17. Arthouse versus mainstream media
  18. Does the media prevent or enhance panic?
  19. How the media promotes terrorism indirectly
  20. Media companies versus bloggers

Choose any of these research topics in media and communication if your goal is to write about something trendy. However, make sure that you’re conversant with issues surrounding most new media topics to come up with an excellent paper or essay.

Interesting Media Law Topics

Most students confuse media law and media ethics topics. Laws are rules that govern the media while ethics are the moral values that media practitioners should abide by. Ethics guide the professional behavior or conduct of journalists. This category is also a great source of media debate topics. You can also find brilliant media analysis topics in this category. Here are some of the best media essays topics to consider if you love writing about laws and ethics.

  1. Detailed analysis of media laws and ethics in the U.S
  2. Perceptions of media law among graduate students
  3. A comparison of media laws in the developing and developed countries
  4. Changes in the media law in the U.S over the years
  5. How media laws influence the evolution of a country’s political landscape
  6. How the media facilitates the law-making process
  7. Media law relevance for business opportunities
  8. How media law influence sensitive issues’ coverage and reporting
  9. How privacy laws protect TV consumers
  10. The implication of criminal reporting- Analysis of privacy laws and transparency interplay
  11. Big data and media- Practical interpretations of media laws
  12. Media laws in communist countries
  13. How media laws affect radio broadcasters- Practice issues and guidelines
  14. The importance of media laws in contemporary society
  15. How reinforcing media laws can lead to gaging of the media
  16. What is the role of the government in the reinforcement of media laws?
  17. How speech freedom differs from the media laws
  18. Media freedom in emerging and developed economies
  19. Advertisement laws for digital versus print media- a perspective of the UK media
  20. How does media freedom differ from media regulation?
  21. Some of these ethics paper topics

This category also has controversial media topics worth exploring. You can also find digital media research topics that relate to laws and ethics. Nevertheless, be prepared to research any of these topics extensively to come up with a paper or essay that will earn you the top grade.

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Students have many media literacy topics to consider when writing academic papers and essays. But whether you opt to write about digital media topics or media analysis essay topics, you should research extensively before writing. That way, you will find great information that your audience will be interested to read about.

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