Girls 9-12yrs Director of Coaching in Castle Rock, CO for Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (2023)


Posted: 29-Jan-23

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado

Type: Full-time

Salary: $55,000



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Coaching - Soccer


Professional Sports

Salary Details:

The salary and benefits are dependent on the type of work agreement decided between the chosen candidate and Club based on the candidate’s qualifications and responsibilities. Full-time employee benefits include PTO, employer-sponsored medical, dental, and vision plans, 403b retirement plan with employer match, cell phone reimbursement, life insurance, and supplemental benefits. The Club will pay a portion of the medical benefit premiums.

Delivers a high-quality level of provision to both individuals and teams under their management within the Castle Rock 9U-12U Select program. The position holder is committed to the detailed nature of expert preparation, practice and game delivery, reflection, and player development process required by a participant in the club's Castle Rock Select level teams. They exemplify and actively promote the Club’s methodology and player development philosophy through their coaching, communication, and team interactions.


This position will involve the creation and addition of layers to a service that elevates the experience of a Castle Rock player to a place where there is a professional and relentless pursuit of excellence. This is fundamental to both the environment created when in contact with players and in the work done away from the field preparing and reflecting on progress.

Work to support the development and enjoyment of your players in an innovative and structured manner in line with the values and philosophical statement of player development that the club represents. Use the data and analytics from preseason and postseason surveys along with the performance management system during the season to support each player’s development.

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Exemplify a high standard of communication, evaluation, training, game, and tournament expectations for the Castle Rock Select program.

The overarching responsibility of this position will be:

  • In concert with the Recreational Director, establish, implement, evaluate, and lead the Castle Rock Select Program, including, but not limited to coach and player development and retention, coach and player recruitment, education, and effective communication, administration, and organization.
  • Work in collaboration with Competitive Administration to execute key duties for the role, including, but not limited to field assignments, player placement, budgeting, creating and managing leagues, creating community events, and all ongoing daily duties as required to successfully complete the position.
  • Develop, organize, and manage communication protocol for the Select Programming including, but not limited to player placement, coach placement, team assignments, registration dates, program information, updates to members, key transition information, and all ongoing communication to keep members informed.
  • Implement the technical portion of the Select Program by providing age- and developmentally-appropriate curricula for teams and programs in line with the club PDP; evaluate players appropriately by leading, and facilitating and evaluating the player placement process in conjunction with other staff.
  • Implement appropriate education opportunities for coaches; identify, hire, retain and lead additional technical staff, including support staff and team coaches; organize and evaluate age-appropriate coaching clinics.
  • Coach up to 2 Select teams within the program determined in collaboration between Regional Technical Director and Select Director.

This position will require a level of attention to detail in all aspects of the role that meets the expectations of what and who we envision a Castle Rock program participant should be and develop into. Skills fundamental to achieving the look and feel of the highest standard of Castle Rock provision will be required:


  • Be proactive and timely in advising key stakeholders of team arrangements and matters concerning logistics specific to the Castle Rock programming
  • Work to provide alternative options for development opportunities in the eventuality of inclement weather or other factors results in cancelations of practice or games.
  • Actively engage the team community (players, parents, Directors of Coaching), etc... in the player development process;
  • Adhere to the club’s 24-hour communication policy in all forms of communication; email and voicemail, especially when dealing with issues that may arise from time to time;
  • Be consistent in communicating with Castle Rock colleagues and Regional Technical Director of Coaching
  • Complete reporting requirements associated with team and player development


  • Possess a detailed knowledge and understanding of team/LTPD/players/environment;
  • Remain informed on the unique needs of their specific team and players;
  • Demonstrate an ability to work cohesively between player retention, recruitment, and development;
  • Deeply understand the Club’s Player Development Plan; and
  • Take time and interest in knowing and building relationships with every player in your corresponding teams as well as engaging with staff in the Castle Rock program and understanding of players throughout the program.


  • Understand that multiple approaches to individual and team development will be required to create the right environment for optimum enjoyment and improvement;
  • Ability to adapt to changes in environment or schedule based on players and logistical needs; and
  • Resourceful in approach to on and off the field player development


  • Recognize that patience creates a positive development environment, especially when progress is slow;
  • Delivers consistency in messaging and approach helps to isolate the learning required for improvement. Trust the process;
  • Be resilient in the content of the practice and game approach you are providing for players and your team. Avoid, where possible, changing content to reflect the outcome of your last game. We don’t want ‘a mile wide, and an inch deep’ scenario when players are learning new skills;
  • Understand that the needs of the players and team must remain a priority in dealing with these challenges in real-time and planning is vital. External factors will challenge your resolve and temperament; and
  • Committed to constantly reflecting on practice and games as a coach and question what worked, and what didn’t, and how to apply to learn.


  • Understands that when you know your players you can create an environment that allows you to explore more than one way of reaching your desired outcome;
  • Knows what works best and creates content and moments of learning that suit the needs of your group, even if it is not ‘by the book’;
  • Problem-solving in real-time during practice and games that help players work towards the understanding of the issue without providing the answer; and
  • Encourage creative moments on the field from the players, even if it leads to errors.


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  • Understand the fundamental nature of reflection in the role of the coach when directed at players and oneself;
  • Possesses the ability to self reflect or desire to develop this area;
  • Can channel the outcome of the reflection into a positive place where improvement is possible through the creation of innovative content and an adapted approach;
  • Is approachable and takes feedback from others in a positive and constructive manner;
  • Completes player reports in a thoughtful and consistent manner; and
  • Is able to have a long-term perspective on player progress, rather than ‘what just happened’ in a game or practice that week.

Experience / Desirable Traits

  • Minimum of USSF C-Licence of equivalent / Working towards USSF B-Licence or equivalent
  • Experience of Program Management
  • Experience in Performance Analysis and Evaluation
  • Experience in Player Identification
  • Significant experience of working within a Castle Rock player development framework and knowledge of its key components;
  • Willingness to adapt to the approach of the club and be consistent in the application;
  • Worked or played within a team environment at levels below that of Castle Rock player development;
  • Further desire to pursue coach education and informal learning opportunities;
  • An highly organized and reliable person with strong communication abilities;
  • Passion for working with young children;
  • Passion for collaboration with colleagues and supportive of others/ team player
  • Passion for soccer.

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About Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides one of the nation’s most comprehensive, in-depth approaches to youth soccer- providing opportunities for players three-years-old to professional, from beginner to advanced. In partnership with the professional MLS team, CRYSC has access to resources and support above and beyond other soccer clubs. Serving over 4,000 children every season, CRYSC staffs the nation’s best coaches to provide all children, at all levels, opportunities to enjoy and grow in the game of soccer. In addition to leagues, CRYSC provides beginner to advanced level tournaments, camps and clinics in the summer and winter as well as college preparation assistance.In addition to the youth programs provided by CRYSC, over 2,000 children are served annually in the nation’s largest youth soccer outreach program. Through our Soccer for Success and Zarlengo programs, CRYSC provides opportunities for underserved youth to have access to the world’s game. These programs focus on aspects above and beyond youth soccer, targeting physical activity, nutrition education, mentorship, and family engagement in communities that need support.CRYSC also offers opportunities with access to some of the nation’s best youth teams through the Elite Club National League. These teams connect national team coaches directly with academy clubs to develop and identify players and coaches for future Youth National Teams

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