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5 Chatbot Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in2019

If you are looking to add chatbot to your website, you would have probably noticed that there are many things required to get a user-friendly chatbot.

As an IT sourcing analyst with ValueCoders (IT Sourcing Company), I used to face several challenges in developing “chatbots” during the stages of programming. Although, I find now quite easier to manage the development work, especially after knowing the ideas to develop a powerful chatbot solution for the business community. Sharing here my experience:

Although chatbots have been around in the business industry for decades, e-businesses have only learned now how to effectively use them for business purposes.

So, have you ever considered implementing chatbot to your businesssite?

If yes, then you are already aware of the potential of this technology for businesses. And, if you’re a first timer, then here are five ways for deploying the chatbots to your businesssite.

  1. Let’s Start with the Technical Needs

5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (1)5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (2)

Chatbots are built with bot-engines such as ManyChat or Chatfuel, however for major business websites, a more skilled approach is required to create a custom app that will have all the upgrade features. So, whenever you think of adding a chatbot to your business site, you may also need to upgrade your internet service and need to purchase more serverspace.

Let’s say if your chatbot will converse with users through the different point of sale transactions, then the internet speed of 75 Mbps is recommended by the developers.

Creating a backend app is also a good idea as it can store and process information gathered from the users. Node.js and Udemy are the preferred frameworks for creating useful & interactive backendapps.

Also, decide whether your chatbot will use voice or only text-based display.

To check all your technical demands are met, you need a good analysis of the bot’s performance before releasing it to the public. Some more technical points to lookfor:

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Functionality Standards — Implementing functions to your conversational bot is probably the most important part of the setup process that includes creating conversation flows, defining the use cases, and connecting to APIs. This process will involve your UX design team, marketing team, and the team of software development experts.

Testing Across all Channels- If you’re building chatbot from scratch or using some of the available technology, you will need to translate conversations into code across all channels anddevices.

Analytics — Analysis of bot’s performance is important after the bot is available for publishing. The key metrics to track the bot’s performance are the number of user interactions received, failure rate, customers’ satisfaction rate, andROI.

2. Get Natural Language Processing (NLP) to YourChatbot

5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (3)5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (4)

Adding NLP to your chatbot enhances your customer experience. How?

In layman’s terms, the basic function of NLP is to meaningfully interpret human technology inputs. The best example of NLP-based response system is Amazon’s Alexa that reacts to what you say and gives you results according to your voicecommand.

Chatbots mainly use scripts with “if-then” commands to give answers to customers frequently asked questions. However, today if/else statements are things of the past and can frustrate your customers by not giving the prompt response from the bot. To avoid if/else statements, we looked for a new & updated tool to fit yourneeds.

Rasa is an open-source framework for building chatbots that uses language processing tool (NLP) for interactive conversations.

Here’s how the chatbotworks:

You ask the chatbot to book a flight toFrance.

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The bot asks you to specify the date ofbooking.

Then, you simply mention the day &date.

Your flight isbooked.

That’s the scenario you expect, but things are different and rarely work smoothly. Here is the actual scenario we allface:

You ask a chatbot to book a flight toFrance.

The bot asks you to specify the date ofbooking.

Then, you simply choose the day &date.

But, you also asked about the weather inFrance.

The chatbot doesn’t know how to respond…..

No response, it is because of the condition added by you, and you can further add more conditions. What’s the solution?

It’s Rasa that works on a totally different approach. Instead of conditions to manage, the Rasa program the chatbot for lots of stories with variables.

3. Test Your Chatbot Over and OverAgain

5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (5)5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (6)

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Getting started with chatbot testing requires open source tools such as Selenium & TestMyBot both are popular tools for automated testing of chatbots. Depending on your business needs you might outsource the development and testing of your chatbot to a software development firm.

There are many ways you can use other tools to gauge your bot performance. Please have a look at the below-given references:

Botium makes chatbot testing 100x faster with its API level user interface.

Selenium is a tool for testing & automation process for websites & chatbots.

TestMyBot records the conversations that you can replay anytime to see any issue or difference with the transcript.

4. Identify your Clients’Needs

Ask your customer about their conversation needs like business-to-business (B2B) clients will have a different approach than business-to-consumer (B2C) customers and viceversa.

In this situation, ask these questions to yourclients.

Do they need chatbot for informational purposes?

Do they need any kind of assistance for sign-in or purchase processes?

So, if your target audience is B2B or B2C, make sure your chatbot ensure (C2H) conversations chatbot-to-human.

5. Always Think of your Business Objectives

No matter how smart is your chatbot, you don’t implement it on your business website just for fun. You should always have a good reason. So before deploying chatbot on your site, check your business objectives to know how chatbots can help meet your business objectives.

Chatbots today come for all businesses with varying levels of capabilities. While some business needs basic chatbots, some require more advanced chatbots.

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How to determine the right chatbot for your businessneeds?

When deciding which chatbot is right for your business just place yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about the service they’re trying to receive from you. You need to decide whether the context of the conversation going to impact your service or not. Also, consider your target audience and their UX preferences. It is important to figure out because some users may prefer to have a chatbot with visual menu buttons rather than having an open-ended experience.

Here are somechoices:

5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (7)5 Chatbots Ideas: Business Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019 | HackerNoon (8)

Chatbots with Menu/Button — These chatbots are good for answering the frequently asked questions. But they are not good to use in more advanced answering scenarios or conversations that have too many variables or too much information topredict.

Chatbots with Keyword Recognition — The keyword recognition-based chatbots pay attention to what users type and then try to respond accordingly. These chatbots use customizable keywords and artificial intelligence to serve the appropriate response to theuser.

Contextual Chatbots — This is the most advanced form of chatbots in comparison to the two other bots discussed above. These chatbots run on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to record and remember conversations with specificusers.

The chatbot that best fits your business could also require advanced AI capabilities; however, in some instances, simple menu button bots may be the right solution.

Final Words

Chatbots today are able to supply needful of help, information, and positive experience of maintaining intimacy with customers. Eventually, chatbot brings a pleasant experience of all these qualities into the conversation, making the conversation experience richer and useful for businesses.

We hope these points will help you fuel your business need for chatbots. As you can see, chatbots for business sites provide with plenty of benefits. Whether you want to develop chatbot on your website, SMS chat, or messenger, you can quickly contact ValueCoders to contact and hire the best chatbot developers who are delivering excellent chatbot development solutions to all theirclients.

. . . comments & more!

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What questions should a chatbot answer? ›

Your chatbot must be programmed to answer any question related to your product or service, this will avoid any confusion on what you offer and save time for your customer service team.
What is the price?
  • How much?
  • What's the price?
  • I need a quote.
  • How much does it cost?

How chatbots can help your business? ›

Chatbots can help businesses take customer engagement to the next level. By using conversational AI chatbots, engagement can be driven based on the user data and made more interactive. What's more, bots can deliver consistent answers and this helps you avoid dishing out irrelevant information to customers.

What are the most popular chatbots? ›

The 5 Best AI Chatbot Examples in Real Life
  • Best AI Chatbot Overall: WestJet's Chatbot. ...
  • Best AI Chatbot for Telecom: Charter Spectrum's Chatbot. ...
  • Best AI Chatbot for Ecommerce: Covergirl's Chatbot. ...
  • Best AI Chatbot for Travel: Amtrak's Chatbot. ...
  • Best AI Chatbot for Customer Experience: Johnson and Johnson's Chatbot.
19 May 2022

Which is the best chatbot? ›

Salesforce Einstein

It's a chatbot that's designed to help you get the most out of Salesforce. With it, the bot can find information about leads and customers without ever leaving the comfort of the CRM. Einstein is best used for customer support, but it can also be used for sales and marketing tasks.

What is a question bot? ›

QnABot on AWS is a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to your customer's questions, answers, and feedback. It allows you to deploy a fully functional chatbot across multiple channels including chat, voice, SMS, and Amazon Alexa.

Do chatbots improve customer experience? ›

While chatbots can't replace humans, they can complement the support-chat experience, giving employees or customers a friendly greeting and direct ways to get what they need — fast. More specifically, AI chatbots can help companies deliver good customer service in the following ways: Reducing customer waiting time.

What is the main use of chatbots? ›

At the most basic level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

What are the benefits of a chat bot? ›

Bots provide another channel to reach out to your customers. Bots can be leveraged to increase customer engagement with timely tips and offers. Real-time customer communication (conversational commerce) thanks to chatbots helps customers to find what they are looking for and also evaluates different suggestions.

Are chatbots successful? ›

Chatbots handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish

Chatbots are getting more and more advanced every year. According to the latest data from Comm100, chatbots were able to handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish on average in 2019.

Is Alexa a chatbot? ›

Alexa is formally a chatbot.

What language is used for chatbot? ›

While making chatbots, Python makes use of a combination of Machine Learning algorithms in order to generate multiple types of responses. This feature enables developers to construct chatbots using Python that can communicate with humans and provide relevant and appropriate responses.

What is the most advanced AI chatbot? ›

1. Replika. With over 10 million users, Replika is one of the most popular and advanced AI companions. Unlike traditional chatbots, Replika can recognize images and continue the conversation using them.

What is a customer service chatbot? ›

A customer service chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language understanding (NLU) to mimic human speech. Businesses have been steadily adopting chatbots and incorporating them into their service models to answer customer questions and automate routine tasks.

Which businesses use chatbots? ›

  • 10 Real Examples How Brands are Using Chatbot for Customer Service. Businesses and brands are using chatbots in lots of exciting ways. ...
  • Starbucks. ...
  • Lyft. ...
  • Fandango. ...
  • Spotify. ...
  • Whole Foods. ...
  • Sephora. ...
  • Mastercard.

What's an example of a bot? ›

More recent examples of chatbots include virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google Assistant. Social bots. These bots, often considered opinion bots, influence discussions with users on social media platforms.

What are the 7 steps to create a chatbot strategy? ›

  1. Step 1: Gather information about your potential customers. ...
  2. Step 2: Decide what the bot is going to do to meet customer expectations. ...
  3. Step 3: Select a platform & build your bot. ...
  4. Step 4: Check if the chatbot works & improve it further. ...
  5. Step 5: Launch your chat box & monitor its activity.

How do you make a chatbot content? ›

How to write a perfect chatbot script?
  1. Introduce Your Bot to Your Audience. Let your chatbot introduce himself. ...
  2. Provide Guidelines to the User. ...
  3. Suggest Options. ...
  4. Use Conversational Language. ...
  5. Add Emotional Appeal. ...
  6. Include the Right Level of Personalization. ...
  7. Set the Appropriate Tone of Voice. ...
  8. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread.
16 Apr 2021

How do you end a chatbot conversation? ›

You can either leave/close the chat box or tap on “close chat” if the option is available.

How do you end a chatbot? ›

How to Break a Chatbot - Eight Ways
  1. 1 - Tell the Chatbot to Reset or Start Over. ...
  2. 2 - Use Filler Language. ...
  3. 3 - Ask Whatever Is on the Display Button. ...
  4. 4 - Answering Outside the Pre-Selected Responses. ...
  5. 5 - Ask for Help or Assistance. ...
  6. 6 - Answer the Question with Non-Traditional Answers. ...
  7. 7 - Say Goodbye. ...
  8. 8 - Ask Odd Questions.

How do you know if it's a bot? ›

The most common way to tell if an account is fake is to check out the profile. The most rudimentary bots lack a photo, a link, or any bio. More sophisticated ones might use a photo stolen from the web, or an automatically generated account name. Using human language is still incredibly hard for machines.

How does a chatbot respond? ›

A chatbot is designed to work without the assistance of a human operator. AI chatbot responds to questions posed to it in natural language as if it were a real person. It responds using a combination of pre-programmed scripts and machine learning algorithms.

What is a good question to ask a guy? ›

– Questions to ask a guy
  • What are your personal goals?
  • What kind of childhood did you have?
  • What makes you insecure?
  • What do you expect from a love relationship?
  • What's the one thing you can't tolerate?
  • What do you find attractive in a woman?
  • What expectations do you have of yourself?

How chatbots are changing the world? ›

Chatbots are being used more and more because they are highly accessible and can be made to show up right there on the screen as soon as a website is accessed. They allow consumers to get answers to questions almost immediately and certainly faster than waiting for a customer-service representative.

Will chatbots replace mobile apps in the future? ›

According to Gartner's report, By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Chatbots can replace Mobile apps isn't a new affair. The tech industry has always undergone critical transformations and this happens to be one of them.

How chatbots shaping the future of you and your business? ›

Chatbots will manage 85% of customer interactions by 2021; they can cut operational costs up to 30%. By 2021, 50% of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps. By 2020, bank systems will automate up to 90% of customer interactions using chatbots.

What is a chatbot and how are they used in business? ›

Chatbots are computer programs designed to learn and mimic human conversation using artificial intelligence (AI) called conversational AI. There are a few best practices that feed into conversational AI. Businesses commonly use chatbots to help customers with customer service, inquiries, and sales.

What are the 3 basic types of medical chatbots? ›

The three main types of chatbots that dominate the healthcare industry today are: informative, conversational, and prescriptive. Each of these types provides different types of solutions to users, has different styles of communication, and has different communication abilities.

How many different types of bots are there? ›

There are two types of bots: good bots and bad bots. Both attempt to access web resources (pages, web applications, APIs, etc.) or perform other typical web activities of a human user, but they do so for different purposes.

What is basic chatbot? ›

At the most basic level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

How many chatbots are there? ›

23% of customer service companies are currently using AI chatbots. (Source: Salesforce) On Facebook Messenger alone, there are over 300,000 chatbots in operation. (Source: Venture Beat)

What is an example of a bot? ›

Examples of bots

Instant messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack. Chatbots such as Google Assistant and Siri. The World Health Organization built a bot on WhatsApp to share public information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

How does a chat bot work? ›

Chatbot or bot – is a computer program that simulates a natural human conversation. Users communicate with a chatbot via the chat interface or by voice, like how they would talk to a real person. Chatbots interpret and process users' words or phrases and give an instant pre-set answer.

What is the main purpose of a bot? ›

Bots are normally used to automate certain tasks, meaning they can run without specific instructions from humans. An organization or individual can use a bot to replace a repetitive task that a human would otherwise have to perform. Bots are also much faster at these tasks than humans.

What are good bots? ›

A "good" bot is any bot that performs useful or helpful tasks that aren't detrimental to a user's experience on the Internet. Because good bots can share similar characteristics with malicious bots, the challenge is ensuring good bots aren't blocked when putting together a bot management strategy.

Why is chatbot needed? ›

Chatbots are way more than simple conversational agents. They can be connected to various APIs which will for example enable them to deal with a wider range of customers' requests. They can also automate repetitive and tedious tasks like emailing prospects and customers, answering FAQs and many more.

What are smart chatbots? ›

Smart chatbots

AI-enabled smart chatbots are designed to simulate near-human interactions with customers. They can have free-flowing conversations and understand intent, language, and sentiment. These chatbots require programming to help it understand the context of interactions.

Why chatbots are the future? ›

The future of chatbots is that they are predicted to be utilized for 47 per cent of businesses for customer support and virtual assistants, will be used by 40%, which suggests that by 2022 chatbots will help companies gain market share and become an investment in improving customer service over the next few years.

Do customers prefer chatbots? ›

68% of consumers like chatbots because they provide quick answers. Respondents in a survey by Userlike highlighted the fact that the chatbot answered quickly as the most positive aspect of their interactions.

Which businesses use chatbots? ›

  • 10 Real Examples How Brands are Using Chatbot for Customer Service. Businesses and brands are using chatbots in lots of exciting ways. ...
  • Starbucks. ...
  • Lyft. ...
  • Fandango. ...
  • Spotify. ...
  • Whole Foods. ...
  • Sephora. ...
  • Mastercard.


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